Basic Rules

Fallout: Echoes uses a different feat and ability score progression from Pathfinder, totaling 11 feats (12 for humans), and 6 ability score increases.

Level Feats Ability Scores
1 1st
2 2nd
4 3rd
5 +1 to any four ability score
6 4th
8 5th
10 6th +1 to any four ability score
12 7th
14 8th
15 +1 to any four ability score
16 9th
18 10th
20 11th +1 to any four ability score
  • Classes and Archetypes: A character can have any number of classes, but may only have one archetype. A class grants basic class features and several choices of talents keyed to one of the six ability scores, while an archetype grants class features and talent choices keyed to a theme or set of skills, such as medicine, crafting, or espionage.

Any character can choose any archetype as long as they can meet the requirements. Every class and archetype has a separate age category, a character must fit within the highest of the two age categories of his starting class and his archetype.

  • Ability Score Maxima: The base value of an ability score (before temporary bonuses such as Enchantment or Alchemical bonuses are applied) can never exceed 20 + your racial modifier in that ability score (or minus, if it’s a penalty).
  • Equipment Quality: Unless masterwork in nature, all equipment has the Fragile quality due to wear and tear following the fall of man.

A Fragile weapon that rolls a natural 1 on attack becomes broken. Attacks made with a broken weapon suffer a –2 penalty on attack and damage rolls. Such weapons only score a critical hit on a natural 20 and only deal ×2 damage on a confirmed critical hit.

Fragile armor or shields worm when receiving a critical hit on a natural 20 (but not lower) become broken. The bonus a broken piece of armor or shield grants to AC is halved, rounding down and broken armor doubles its armor check penalty on skills.

  • Multi-type attacks: Attacks which deal both physical and energy damage only have to deal with the highest of either Damage Reduction of Energy Resistance, not both.
  • Massive Damage Threshold: Whenever a character takes damage from a single hit that equals or exceeds his current Constitution score, he must succeed on a DC 15 Fortitude save or instantly be reduced to -1 Hit Points.
  • Hero Points: Echoes uses the Hero Points system presented here.

Basic Rules

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