Class Skills: The headliner adds any seven of the following skills to his list of class skills: Acrobatics, Appraise, Bluff, Climb, Disable Device, Disguise, Escape Artist, Handle Animal, Perform (act, comedy, dance, keyboard, oratory, percussion, string instruments, wind instruments or sing, each skill selected separately), Profession, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, and Use Magic Device.

Born Performer (Ex): The headliner is a natural performer, and excels at making money and using theater and misdirection to fool observers. The headliner is treated as having Profession (stage performer) with a number of ranks equal to his level. He also adds one third his level (minimum +1) to all skill checks he makes with skills he added as class skills (see above).

Headliner Talents: While all headliners are amazing performers and masters of misdirection, they develop different tricks of the trade and performances.As a headliner advances in level, he gains headliner talents selected from the list below. He gains his first headliner talent at 1st level, and gains additional headliner talents at 9th, and 17th level. Also, whenever a headliner gains a talent choice from his base class, he can choose one of these headliner talents instead.

Animal Companion (Ex): The headliner gains an animal companion as a druid of the same level.A headliner must have selected handle animal as a skill to add as a class skill (see above) to select this talent.

Blind Performance (Ex): The headliner gains Blind Fighting as a bonus feat. He may also apply the benefits of Blind-Fight to ranged attacks. A number of times per day equal to his Wisdom bonus (minimum 1/day), he may ignore a miss chance caused by being unable to see his target. At fifth level, the headliner gains the Improved Blind-Fight feat. At 10th level he gains the Greater Blind-Fight feat. He need not meet the prerequisites of these feats.

Debunk (Ex): A headliner knows the tricks of the trade well enough to sniff out other fakes and actors. The headliner adds one half his level (minimum +1) to all saving throws and skill checks regarding illusions and the Bluff and Disguise skills. If the headliner identifies an illusion, disguise, or bluff, as a standard action he may point out its flaws to creatures able to see and hear him, granting them a new save or skill check against the falsehood with a b

Heckle (Ex): The headliner gains the Disruptive feat as a bonus feat.He does not need to meet the feat’s prerequisites.

Trick Shot (Ex): The headliner is a master of making ranged attacks in complex and entertaining ways.He may be a knife-thrower, a juggler, or a trick shot with a firearm. A number of times per day equal to his Intelligence or Charisma bonus (minimum 1/day), he may use utility shot (as the gunslinger deed) without requiring grit. He treats his level as his gunslinger level for this ability. At 7th level he may also use this talent to use the targeting deed.He may use these deeds with any ranged attack using a weapon he has martial proficiency in.

Stage Magic (Ex): The headliner can use mirrors, misdirection, props, and sleight of hand to create false sensory impressions. This can be used for tricks ranging from minor illusions (such as appearing to saw an assistant in half) to major deceptions (such as making a major monument seem to appear out of thin air). At first level, stage magic functions as ghost sound or ventriloquism. At 3rd level, it may instead act as silent image. At 6th level, it may instead act as minor image. At 9th level or higher, it may instead act as major image.

These stage magic tricks differ from the spells they function as in the following ways. First, creatures are allowed saving throws against the illusions as soon as they perceive them – it is not necessary to interact with the stage magic to receive a save. Second, the headliner may only have a single illusion prepared at a time. Stage magic takes time to prepare, and creating a new illusion requires one hour of uninterrupted work and study, and access to basic raw materials and tools. Third, if the illusion is going to cover more than a single 5 foot square, it can only be performed in a space the headliner has prepared with ten minutes of set-up, which also requires basic tools and raw materials.

A headline may use stage magic a number of times per day equal to his Intelligence or Charisma bonus (whichever is higher, minimum 1/day).

Weapon Show (Ex): The headliner has mastered a number of weapons as part of one or more of his stage shows. He gains martial proficiency with one weapon group or exotic proficiency with one weapon he has martial proficiency in, and gains Quick Draw as a bonus feat. At 5th level, and every 5 levels thereafter, he may select an additional weapon group or weapon.


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