Mutant Smasher

Mutant Smash (Ex): The core ability of the mutant smasher is to hit a creature so hard it cannot focus on its monstrous abilities… at least for a few seconds.The mutant smash attack can be added as a free action to any one melee or thrown weapon attack the mutant smasher makes each round.The mutant smasher must declare he is using this ability before making his attack roll (thus, a failed attack roll ruins the attempt).

If the attack hits and damages a creature, that foe must make a Fortitude saving throw (DC 10 + 1/2 your class level + Con modifier), in addition to the attack dealing damage normally.

A defender who fails this saving throw is unable to use any spell-like or supernatural ability for 1 round (until just before the mutant smasher’s next turn). A mutant smasher may use this ability a number of times per day equal to his mutant smasher level.

Enforcer Training (Ex): Half of a mutant smasher’s levels in classes other than enforcer count as enforcer levels for the purpose of qualifying for feats.

Smash Lore (Ex): While mutant smashers are rarely of a scholarly bent, they tend to pick up bits of knowledge about the foes they often face.At 2nd level, a mutant smasher may make a special level check (d20 + Int or Wis modifier, whichever is higher) in place of an appropriate Knowledge check to identify mutants and their special powers or vulnerabilities. This ability works on any creatures not of the animal or humanoid type, and has the same DC as a trained Knowledge check for the same creature.

Antimutant Fu (Ex): At 5th level, the mutant smasher’s ability to fight mutants has expanded to give him specific benefits against creatures he knows possess specific kinds of special attacks or abilities.The mutant smasher selects one of the following mutant abilities: breath weapon, change shape, constrict, energy drain, engulf, fear, frightful presence, gaze, grab, incorporeal, paralysis, poison, pounce, rake, rend, rock throwing, swallow whole, trample, trip, or web.When the mutant smasher makes a smash lore check to identify mutants and their special powers or vulnerabilities, a successful check always reveals if the mutant has the select special ability in addition to whatever other lore is gained by the check.

When facing a creature he knows has the selected ability (either because of a successful smash lore check, or as a result of having seen the ability in use), the mutant smasher gains a +2 bonus on Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, and Survival checks against the creatures. Likewise, he gets a +2 bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls against them, and on saving throws against their spells and effects.

At 9th level, the mutant smasher selects an additional mutant ability he may apply his antimutant fu bonuses against, and the bonuses increases to +4. If a mutant has multiple abilities the mutant smasher has selected, he does not receive the bonus multiple times. He selects an additional ability (and increases the bonuses by an additional +2) at 13th and 17th level.

Mutant Smasher Talents: As a mutant smasher advances in level, he gains mutant smasher talents selected from the list below. He gains his first such talent at 6th level, and gains additional mutant smasher talents at 12th and 8th level.

Become the Mutant (Su): Being repeatedly exposed to the radiation and toxins can have a lasting effect on a mutant smasher, causing him to develop his own monstrous traits.When this talent is selected, the mutant smasher chooses one of the following benefits: amphibious (natural swim rate equal to half movement ate, may hold breath for a number of minutes equal to 5 x Constitution score), bite attack (1d4 Small/1d6 Medium, primary attack), darkvision (60 feet), low-light vision, swift (+10 feet to movement rate), tough hide (increase natural armor by +1). Once selected, this benefit cannot be changed. The mutant smasher may select this talent more than once.Its effects do not stack. Each time it is selected, a different benefit must be selected.

Mutant Shooter (Ex): The mutant smasher can apply the mutant smash ability to any attack made against an appropriate foe within 30 feet.

School of Hard Knocks (Ex): The mutant smasher learns to apply his antimutant fu against foes on the fly. Once per day if he makes a smash lore check that exceeds a creature’s lore DC by 5 or more, and the mutant has an ability on the list of possible antimutant fu mutant abilities that is not one the character has selected, the mutant smasher may apply his antimutant fu bonuses against the creature as if he had selected the mutant’s ability.This bonus lasts for a number of rounds equal to the mutant smasher’s class level.This talent may be taken more than once. Each time, it allows the mutant smasher to use it one additional time per day.

The Bigger They Are (Ex): The mutant smasher has learned how to fight larger foes more effectively. He gains a +2 bonus on his CMB when making a maneuver against a foe at least one size larger than himself, and a +2 bonus to his CMD against maneuvers made by creatures at least one size larger than himself.This talent can be taken more than once. Its effects stack.

Mutant Smasher

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