Take Measure (Ex): The core ability of a profiler is to take the measure of a person– to size them up and make a rational deduction based on training and experience–of how that person is going to react to specific situations and suggestions. Taking measure only works on creatures with an Int of 6 or greater; creatures with a lower Int are too simple and unpredictable for the ability to function.

To take measure of a creature, the profiler must make a Sense Motive check, with a DC of 11 + target’s Bluff bonus, or 11 + target’s HD (whichever is higher). This check is made in secret by the GM, who simply informs the profiler of success or failure.

Taking a creature’s measure normally requires at least one minute and the ability to see, hear, and understand the creature while it interacts in a conversation. If the profiler can’t meet all three of those requirements he may still attempt to take measure of the creature, but his Sense Motive check suffers a -5 penalty.

Once a profiler has taken measure of a creature, he gains a +2 bonus to all Wisdom and Charisma-based ability and skill checks regarding that creature and has a +1 bonus to attack rolls against the creature. This increases to +4 to Wisdom and Charisma skill and ability checks and +2 to attack rolls at 6th level, and again to +6 to Wisdom and Charisma skill and ability checks and +3 to attack rolls at 12th level and finally to +8 to Wisdom and Charisma skill and ability checks and +4 to attack rolls at 16th level.

A profiler can take measure once per day, plus one additional time for every five levels of profiler. Failed attempts to take measure do not count against this number. Once he fails a Sense Motive to take measure of a creature, he cannot attempt to do so again for 24 hours. Once he successfully takes measure of a creature, he maintains these bonuses for 24 hours.Also, once he has successfully taken measure of a creature, he can attempt to take measure of that specific creature again in the future as a standard action without taking the normal -5 penalty.

Profiler Talents: The profiler receives his first profiler talent beginning at 3rd level, and gains additional profiler talents at every other level thereafter.Also, whenever a profiler gains a talent choice from his base class, he can choose one of these archetype talents instead.

Assess (Ex): The profiler can take measure of a creature without seeing or hearing it, as long as the profiler can examine act the creature has engaged in.The profiler must be able to examine at least one act for every 3 hit dice of the target. Examination of each act need not be done in person, but some level of detail is required if the profiler examines the acts through reports or descriptions from witnesses.

If a profiler examines deeds he thinks were performed by one creature that are actually the work of multiple creatures, a successful take measure check does not grant the normal bonuses, but instead identifies what acts were performed by which creatures.

Animal Whisperer (Ex): The profiler can use his take measure ability on creatures with an Int of 2 or higher.

Body Language (Ex): The profiler can read the posture, facial expressions, eye movements, and even pupil dilation and breathing of a creature he has used his take measure ability on to determine the creature’s surface thoughts.

The profiler must be able to see and hear the target, which must also be the target of a successful take measure attempt by the profiler. As a full round action, the profiler can make a Sense Motive check opposed by the target’s Bluff check. If the Sense Motive check is successful, the target must make a Will save (DC 10 +1/2 the profiler’s level + the profiler’s Wisdom modifier) or the profiler learns the target’s surface thoughts for 1 round. If a creature makes its Will save, the profiler cannot attempt to read its body language again for 24 hours.The profiler may use this ability a total number of times per day equal to his Wisdom modifier plus half his profiler level (minimum 1/day).

Any ability or effect that defends a target against detect thoughts also defends it against body language.

Expert Reader (Ex): The profiler can use take measure two additional times per day.A profiler may take this talent more than once.

Faux Powers (Ex): The profiler gains a bonus equal to half his level to Bluff checks made to convince creatures he has powers, resources, or supernatural abilities he does not truly possess.

This Bluff check cannot be used to convince a target of any untruth other than the existence of some specific power of set of powers in the profiler.A successful check of this kind may grant bonuses on related Bluff checks made afterwards at the GM’s discretion (for example, convincing a target you can speak to departed spirits may give you a circumstance bonus to future Bluff checks to convince them you are communicating with a dead relative of the target’s).

Profile (Ex): The profiler can form a description of a creature he has successfully taken measure of to up to one ally per profiler level, granting them half his take measure bonuses. Forming a profile takes at least one hour, and delivering it to other creatures takes 5 minutes.

Quick Read (Ex): The profiler gains a bonus equal to half his level on Sense Motive checks to form a hunch.

True Desires (Ex): The profiler can gauge what kinds of fantasies a target wishes to believe. The profiler selects a specific lie he is considering telling to a specific target he can see, and discloses any evidence he might have to support the lie. As a full round action, he attempts a Sense Motive check (DC 11 + target’s Bluff bonus).On a successful check, the profiler learns if the target wants to believe that lie, and if it will find his evidence convincing (see the description of the Bluff skill in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook for bonuses to Bluff checks gained from these circumstances).

Once the profiler fails at a Sense Motive check of this type, he cannot use true desires on that target for 24 hours.

Where It Hurts (Ex): The profiler know where a target he has taken measure of is most vulnerable, and may add his attack bonus from take measure to any damage he does to the creature.


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