Weapon Attachments

Item Cost Weight
Bayonet, socket 5 1 lb.
Laser sight 20 1 lb.
Scope 25 1 lb.
Scope, Electro-optical 40 3 lbs.
Speed loader 5 0.5 lbs.
Suppressor, Pistol 50 1 lb.
Suppressor, Rifle 55 4 lbs.

Bayonet, Socket: A socket bayonet fits onto a lug mounted on the barrel of some modern firearms. It has the same statistics as a bayonet, but a firearm fitted with a bayonet lug can be fired while the bayonet is in place, albeit with a –2 penalty on attack rolls. Each bayonet is designed for a specific model of firearm.

Laser Sight: This small, cylindrical device can be attached to the barrel of any firearm. When activated, it emits a low-power laser beam that paints a small red dot on the target. This effect grants the user a +1 circumstance bonus on all attack rolls made with that weapon. Further, a laser sight reduces the penalty for firing into melee by 2.

Scope: Scopes are telescopic sights mounted on rifles to increase accuracy at range by magnifying the target. Scopes reduce the penalty for ranged attacks by 1 for each range increment. Any rifle, revolver, or pistol can be scoped.

Scope, Electro-Optical: An electro-optical scope functions the same as a standard scope in normal light. In darkness, however, the user sees through it as if he or she had the darkvision ability granted by night vision goggles.

Speed Loader: A speed loader holds a number of bullets in a ring, in a position that mirrors the chambers in a revolver cylinder. Using a speed loader saves time in reloading a revolver, since a character can insert all the bullets at once. Reloading with a Speed Loader is one action type faster.

Suppressor: A suppressor fits on the end of a firearm, capturing the gases traveling at supersonic speed that propel a bullet as it is fired. This eliminates the noise from the bullet’s firing, dramatically reducing the sound the weapon makes when it is used. For handguns, the only sound is the mechanical action of the weapon (Perception check, DC 15, to notice). For longarms, the supersonic speed of the bullet itself still makes noise. However, it’s difficult to tell where the sound is coming from, requiring a Perception check (DC 15) to locate the source of the gunfire.

Modifying a weapon to accept a suppressor requires a Craft (mechanical) check (DC 15). Once a weapon has been modified in this manner, a suppressor can be attached or removed as a move action.

Suppressors cannot be used on revolvers or shotguns. A suppressor purchased for one weapon can be used for any other weapon that fires the same caliber of ammunition.

Weapon Attachments

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